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Irvine Sensors Corporation (ISC) provides complete services for custom 3D stacked products from design, to manufacturing, to production. ISC’s stacking technology makes possible small, highly integrated, systems-in-a-cube to meet the ever demanding need to pack more functionality into a smaller volume where space is a premium. Along with this reduction in volume, ISC’s stacking technology has advantages in minimized electrical parasitics for high speed operation, reduced EMI, and the ability of integrating heterogeneous IC's and along with discretes.

ISC has integrated DRAM, SDRAM, Flash, QDR SRAM, FPGA’s, microcontrollers, voltage regulators, DSP’s, custom ASICs, passives, sensors, and many other components successfully. ISC’s wide range of custom 3D packaging technologies can support ultra-miniature form factors to large-die/high power modules that operate within rugged environmental conditions. ISC has the ability to integrate heat spreaders or select material sets within the 3D stack structure to ensure that thermal management of the final 3D package is addressed.

ISC is on the forefront of integrating of their high-density memory cubes to meet the ever-increasing demands of the mass storage industry that is looking for higher performance, higher bandwidth and reduced operating costs. This is achieved through ISC’s unique approach to 3D stacking of memory. This allows >8X increase in memory density over existing high-density packaged memory.

ISC is a registered ISO9001:2008 company and all services provided by ISC are USA based Examples of previously manufactured 3D stacked cubes and modules are shown in ISC's 3D Stacks Gallery.

Give us a call today to see how ISC’s 3D stacking can help you meet your demanding needs. Our in-house design team is waiting to help you migrate an existing design or a system requirement specification to a final 3D stacked package.

Design Capabilities

Where needed, ISC can provide full design services, starting from customer requirements, including prototyping, applying power reduction techniques, developing firmware, testing, generating system specifications, and stacking optimization. By combining extensive capabilities in electrical, mechanical, and process engineering, ISC covers all aspects of stacking design to maximize success.

ISC has delivered multiple successes with ultra-small embedded systems that required power optimization and reduction. This was achieved by combing low power microcontrollers, digital signal processors (DSP’s), analog-digital conversion, CMOS imagers, and battery management with optimized firmware. Utilizing a combination of embedded passives, embedded actives, and thinned die, a complete system, including sensors, can be created in a volume less than 250mm³.

Process Capabilities

ISC can provide a wide range of processing services including bumping, thinning, redistribution layers (RDL), area interconnects, wire-bonding, flip-chip assembly, underfilling, molding, and, of course, stacking.

To maximize system integration, ISC’s Active CapChip Technology can integrate passives and small active components in chip scaled package (CSP) or bumped die form within the stack. This allows for integration of bypass capacitors, point-of-load regulators, glue logic, etc. in a cost-effective manner.

For applications that require minimum height, ISC routinely thins active layers down to 100μm.


RHyTHM is Irvine Sensors’ Reconfigurable, Hybrid, Three-dimensional Memory Module technology for high-density SSDs. With Irvine Sensors’ RHyTHM technology, high bandwidth and high capacity storage is a reality for continuous and simultaneous recording of multiple high bandwidth data sources such as high-definition video, cock-pit video and audio, sensors like RADAR and LIDAR, thermal imaging and instrumentation.

Irvine Sensors’ patented Unlimited Scalable Interconnect Architecture (USIA) allows the system memory density to scale at arbitrary levels to support any current or future storage-solution requirements.

Optional artificial neural net computing for big data classification and or reduced retrieval time and enhanced back-end analysis.

Product Gallery

Neural Net Cube Processor

Memory Heterogeneous Stack

Flash Stack

Flash Stack


Liquid nitrogen cooled stack.

Stacked Thin Small Outlined Package

Four layer stacked, packaged memory.

Smart Bandaid

Stacked Thin Small Outlined Package

Stacked Thin Small Outlined Package

Heterogeneous Stack

System-in-cube with processor, memory, and glue logic.


288Mb QDR memory operational at 333MHz.


Focal plane edge connected to a 2GHz ROIC.

Medical Implant

Implantable, wireless, stacked bio-electronics.

Multi-Stack Module

System with processor stack and memory stacks.


DDR with tamper detection and zeroization.

Redistribution Layer

Up to 4 layer RDL.


Four tier, 3000 pin Virtex FPGAs and DDR.

LADAR module

Focal plane bonded to ROIC stack.

RAD Hard

Dual stacked SRAM for space.


Dual NAND with AT-mesh.

Secure Thumb Drive


High reliability packaged stacks.


25µm thin, flexible IC's on Kapton™ substrate.


Ultra-high performance memory with integrated heat spreaders.

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